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Step 2: Of course you “happened upon” our site because we’re awesome, yes that is, us and you…because great minds do indeed think alike my friend. But hey, why don’t you hop on over to our “Too Real page and find out a little about us, why we do what we do and the work we put in to make all this awesome a reality! Additionally, get to know us a bit, right –>here<–

Step 3: Now it’s decision making time. There’s a few ways you can navigate this site, the choice is yours.

1) Choose a tag (alphabetically listed, only the tags linked to the most posts are featured here)

active site, allosteric enzyme, amino acid, amino acids, ATP

biological catalyst

carbohydrates, carbs, catalyst, cell


energy, enzyme appreciation, enzyme awareness week, enzyme substrate complex, enzymes



meme, mitochondria


polypeptide, protein, proteins



TCA, the cell

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2)Choose a category

GET TESTED…before it’s too late!

Don’t wait until a day before finals to do some practice questions, that’s just cray! We’ve got questions, we’ve got answers(see the results are in), we’ve got all that you need for you to check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Picks c(: teehee

All memes, photos, drawings, and any visual artwork posted on chimmeral can be found here…except videos, they got their own categories cause they spesh 😉


Reblogged posts from other blogs which may have been given a little touch of chimmeral 😉



Mini reflections..if you will

The Winners Circle

Studddy material (although everything on our site can be considered study material)! You can’t beat or befriend an enemy (biochem) you don’t come on now, don’t be shy!



Word clouds

These are our wordles

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3) Visit our Hot Topic page. This in my opinion is the best option as it gives you the best of both worlds, sort of. This page has all of our posts listed by topics AND now that I’m writing this I just got the idea to include which category each post falls under so by the time you read this it will have that too! 🙂

4) You can check our archives and view posts by month.

January, 2014

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5) Finally, you can simply “search our site

I should let you know that all those options can be found on the site itself. Options 1,2, 4, and 5 are located in the side bar, and option 3 is right at the top of the page but ALSO in the side bar. However, because I love you so, I took a few hours out of my day to sit down and insert all those links,  just to make your life a bit easier 🙂 *mwah*


I speak smoothly, and real enticing like (damn right I said it that way just cuz!) but this is a serious blog yo! It’s our us learning, aand you learning….it may not seem that way because we make it fun..well not really, Biochemistry on its own is a fun topic, a lot of people have trouble seeing it like that but not chimmeral.

Before I go, I must let you know that this site means nothing to me without your comments. So please my love, comment, write to me, tell me what’s on your mind, let’s connect!

Live long and prosper. (I feel as though this is how JM would end this post, lol)

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p.s you ought to know that most things in this post are clickable, simply pass your mouse over a word and if it’s underlined you may click it 🙂


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